Marketing Consultancy Services

  • Marketing Consultancy Services
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Corporate and Brand Identity
  • Product and Branding or Brand Management
  • Corporate and Marketing Communications 
  • Integrated Communication Planning
  • Advertising Design and Planning
  • Pricing
  • Development of customized Marketing Skills enhancement Training programs
  • Conducts in-house developed Marketing Seminars examples:
  1. Promo Power for the Modern Trade
  2. Promo Power for Retailers
  3. Branding for Greater Profit
  4. Effective Marketing 101
  • Marketing Organization development
  • Coaching and/or Mentoring sessions on Marketing
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Key Steps To Improve Your Marketing Results

Business marketing represents a primary resource that every company must take advantage of in order to achieve the revenue they desire. When looking into the opportunities that exist with marketing, there are often many potential resources an individual would be able to tap into when it comes to enhancing their own efforts. If you find yourself seeking the opportunity to improve your marketing, use the following five simple steps to aid in the achievement of this goal.

G  Taking Advantage of Business Mentoring/Coaching
While many business owners have considered the opportunities of pursuing a business coach, few ever make the decision to take advantage of this opportunity.
Most individuals are deterred with the expense associated with their services; though, a business will discover incredible success and an increase in overall revenue, when they make the decision to pursue all the possibilities which are created with a business coach.
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Benefits of Business Mentoring

Business mentoring can have a positive effect on your business, whether you are just starting up or are already established.

You can develop important business skills, increase your confidence and build your network of business contacts.

What is business mentoring?

Business mentoring is a relationship between an entrepreneur and someone with business experience who is willing to act as a guide. The business mentor offers advice, guidance and support to help the entrepreneur run a business.

The business mentoring relationship
Business mentoring is a two-way relationship. It is not just an opportunity to pick the brain of a more experienced entrepreneur. Both parties must be committed to achieving certain goals.

Formal and informal mentoring

It's likely that your mentor will stay in regular contact with you through meetings, telephone calls and emails. The nature of the relationship may vary from being fairly casual - eg a monthly webinars, telephone calls or emails; to being more formal and structured - eg setting meeting agendas and business objectives.

Mentoring is a great way of getting business guidance and support on an ongoing basis.

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General Mentee Questions and Answers

I am smart and self sufficient-why do I need a Mentor? 

No person “needs” a Mentor, but everyone “needs” good luck to be successful. 

You can vastly improve your “good luck” by pairing with a Mentor. 

Being at the right place at the right time (good luck) is partly a function of who helps you along the way. But if you do the wrong thing at the right time, then you have missed the opportunity and wasted some of your scarce resource known as good luck. 

A Mentor can prevent missed opportunities. 

Mentors can not only help you plan for events in your career that have not yet happened, and may not happen for several years, but also offer critical advice to help you make decisions on things that need to be done now. 

A good Mentor can offer you sound ways for accomplishing this. 

You may not “need” a Mentor, but if you want to be successful, you should have one
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Business Mentoring

Every entrepreneur should have a mentor — someone who's been down that road before and can share their wisdom on an ongoing basis. Learn about the value of mentoring, finding a mentor, and how to get the most out of your mentoring experience. 

Making costly mistakes while you "struggle forward" in your business can cause you sleepless nights and a loss of morale.

The old principle of learning by trial and error can certainly be an option, provided you have endless determination, lots of time on your side, and no shortage of spare cash to finance your mistakes! There is also a high risk of becoming disillusioned, losing focus and consequently joining the endless numbers of people who having tried and failed, throw in the towel and walk away.

Why not ask yourself, do really need to keep on making a bunch of mistakes, or if you should learn from others who have done it before and are already successful. Finding a mentor is an excellent idea.

It's important to choose a business mentor that has a proven track record both with business and business mentoring. Experience in your chosen field is an advantage.

Take a look at our mentoring program. Is it easy for you to ask questions and get the details you need on important business details.

Take the first step towards building a healthy relationship with your mentor by isolating what you are wanting and when you want it.

Statistically over 90% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Considering this strong dose of reality can help you appreciate the role of interacting with your mentor and getting your business up to full power asap. How can you even consider the "crash and burn" approach when you are sincere about your success?

We all know that spending one on one time with a teacher is the fastest way to learn something. One very valuable support for any business owner is to conserve energy. When we quit learning by trial and error we can save all the emotional energy that comes with losing money and making mistakes. 

  • Focus Your Career Path and Set Goals: What better way to define your career path then by talking with an experienced Mentor that has been through all that before? 
  • Making Big Decisions and Crisis Management: You Mentor will have successes and failures, just like everyone, but talking to your Mentor can help you make more informed decisions on your path to success. 
  • Learn about Another Company or Industry: Working with a Mentor will allow you to gain a better understanding of the workings in another corporation. With this knowledge and you are impressed with your Mentor's company, you may even consider employment there. Also, for those looking to switch careers or industries it is critical to speak with a Mentor from that field to get you up to speed and help you get your new career on track. 
  • The time you spend with your Mentor will most likely be few hours ever month, which is definitely manageable in our busy schedules. However, although short, the time you do spend together will be invaluable in shaping your career. An experienced Mentor in your industry will be able to quickly guide you in mapping out the steps you must take to succeed.
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The Value of a Business Mentor

Why every entrepreneur should have one

A mentor is someone with more entrepreneurial business experience than you who serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time.

Working with individuals, "Alchemy SOLUTIONS" (Alchemy Marketing Consultancy) provides support, tools and information in order to overcome barriers to economic activity and enable business start up.

We deliver a range of programs that help individuals to realize their potential.
  • From interventions to intensive and personalized support programmes and; 
  • Recognizing the relationship between personal and professional development. 
Why do we do this? First and foremost as a way of giving back to their community and to society at large. Mentoring may do develop the mentor’s skills as a teacher, manager, strategist, or consultant. And a true mentoring relationship also works in both directions—we learn about new ideas from you just as you learn timeless wisdom from the mentor.

But whatever the benefits to the mentor, the benefits to you, the entrepreneur, are even greater:
Where else are you going to turn? There's no boss any more to turn to for advice or direction—maybe not even any employees yet. You're flying solo. But you don't have to. Everybody needs a good reliable sounding board, second opinion, and sometimes just emotional support.

They've "been there, done that". Learn from others' mistakes and successes. They don't have to have experience in your particular industry. They are up on the latest trends or technology. Their role is to share with you lessons from their experience in the hopes that you can learn them a bit more quickly and easily.

As you can see, the rewards are many, and the risk is non-existent. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding a good mentor. Every entrepreneur should have one.
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Benefits of Mentoring

The Benefits of Mentoring
Well-mentored individuals feel that they are being looked after. They gain confidence in their abilities and respond accordingly. They are often happier, more loyal and productive as a result.

How you can benefit by running a Mentoring Scheme

  • Cut through the noise to focus on what’s most important for the business 
  • Put together a professional team and align the team to the company purpose 
  • Get results quickly 
  • Create tangible company value 
  • Measure and improve every 90 days 

So what do mentors do?
  1. As a mentor our focus is your development. You will be required to take on a number of challenging, yet rewarding roles and business decisions. 
  2. The mentor will be creating training opportunities/exposure for you to move into new learning situations. 
  3. Sharing the mentor’s professional experiences is often the best starting point. 
  4. Rather than dictating what should be done, the mentor will be looking for situations to empower you. 
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The Mentor's Commitment

1. I will make a personal connection based on trust and mutual respect and listen to your needs and concerns.

2. I will help you define business and marketing goals and provide mentorship to attain those goals.

3. I will share my knowledge of educational and professional requirements to prepare for your skills growth.

4. I will offer information, advice, references, and resources to assist you.
5. I will offer constructive criticism, but allow you to learn from your mistakes.

Mentoring improves employee retention and performance too. It also impacts organizational culture by leading to more informal mentoring.

What you give you get, ten times over.
-Yoruba proverb
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3 Basic Must-Do Internet Marketing Tips

3 Basic Must-Do Internet Marketing Tips
By Sean 

Internet marketing tips
Must-do internet marketing tips

The internet is a vast, vast marketplace where you have all kinds of people – meaning you have all kinds of buyers, sellers, marketers, specialists, etc. Your business has unlimited potential to grow when it targets the internet as it’s market. I just want to share with you three basic internet marketing tips which should be kept in mind especially by business owners.

If you’re a business owner who owns a website, you’ll probably want to involve yourself in internet marketing. Otherwise, your website is practically useless. There are a lot of things that potential customers are looking for about your business – such as information, graphical representations (in layman’s term: pictures), history, reputation, and the list goes on and on. You have to satisfy the curiosity and doubts of your customer or your business will go nowhere.

So my first must-do internet marketing tip for you is: Make sure you have a blog.

If you think this is easy, it’s not. It’s a pain in the ass to keep on updating things about your company daily, weekly or, (heaven forbid) monthly. Actually, scratch out the monthly because updating monthly makes your blog quite useless – unless you already have hundreds of articles for readers to dig around.
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Starting a Business in Philippines - Doing Business - World Bank Group

If you work from home, a Business Address Lease is a great way to boost your business and protect your privacy.

This instantly activates Mailing Address Only package allows the customer to use Alchemy's address as his mailing address and/or business address. Alchemy receives all mails addressed to the person and/or company listed in the accomplished form. Alchemy associates will notify the client via e-mail and SMS that mail has been received for them.

A subscriber can choose any of the following mail handling options:

· Have their mail documents opened and scanned for e-mail forwarding
· Have their mail stored for pick-up from Alchemy
· Have their mail forwarded to their preferred address, which will by default be the indicated PayPal address

For clients looking to use this package for Business Registration purposes, a minimum of 6 months term commitment is required. (For as low as P1500)
"The information appearing on this page was collected as part of the Doing Business project, which measures and compares regulations relevant to the life cycle of a small- to medium-sized domestic business in 183 economies. The most recent round of data collection for the project was completed in June 2011."

Time to Complete
Associated Costs
Verify and reserve the company name with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 

The availability of the proposed company name can be verified via the SEC's online verification system at no charge. Reservation of the name, once approved by the SEC, costs Php40/month for the first 30 days. The company name can be reserved for a maximum of 120 days for a fee of PHP 120, which is renewable upon expiration of the period.

1 day
PHP 40
Deposit paid-up capital in the Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) and obtain bank certificate of deposit 

The company is required by law to deposit paid-up capital amounting to at least 6.25% of the authorized capital stock of the corporation. This paid-up capital must not be less than PHP 5,000. Some banks in Manila charge a fee up to PHP 105 for each certificate of deposit.
1 day
no charge

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Mentoring Program

To those
  • Who are starting a business when economic conditions are tough 
  • Who are starting a business from home 
  • Who are researching and developing your business ideas 
  • Who are developing new products and services 
Give yourself the edge with the support and guidance of a mentor.

You and your marketing staff can gain invaluable insight beyond their own education and experience.

Simple, personalized and cost-effective development plan for you business, and your marketing staff which will help you get the best results from your investment in your staff.
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences 
o   In consumer products
o   In direct selling
o   In real estate
o   In telecommunication products
o   In consumer research
o   In multi-level marketing

  • Identification of skill gaps
  • Greater knowledge of marketing and business success factors 

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Cake for Occasions

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