Benefits of Mentoring

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The Benefits of Mentoring
Well-mentored individuals feel that they are being looked after. They gain confidence in their abilities and respond accordingly. They are often happier, more loyal and productive as a result.

How you can benefit by running a Mentoring Scheme

  • Cut through the noise to focus on what’s most important for the business 
  • Put together a professional team and align the team to the company purpose 
  • Get results quickly 
  • Create tangible company value 
  • Measure and improve every 90 days 

So what do mentors do?
  1. As a mentor our focus is your development. You will be required to take on a number of challenging, yet rewarding roles and business decisions. 
  2. The mentor will be creating training opportunities/exposure for you to move into new learning situations. 
  3. Sharing the mentor’s professional experiences is often the best starting point. 
  4. Rather than dictating what should be done, the mentor will be looking for situations to empower you. 
  5. The mentor will be helping you build up your confidence and abilities to take responsibility for your business, your career and your own development. 
  6. Will always be looking to steer you towards acquiring knowledge, new skills and understanding. 
  7. You'll become more resourceful, develop your own networks of support and be keen to continue your path of self-improvement. 
  8. The mentor will be offering support, a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on and always plenty of encouragement! 
  9. Most mentoring relationships involve a mixture of all of the above, as new crises or opportunities open up, or as you make progress. 
Why run a mentoring scheme?
  • As you gain confidence, you become more effective at what you do. 
  • Employees on mentoring schemes tend to stay with their companies longer. 
  • Mentoring schemes make integration into a group or organization smoother and speedier. 
  • As you develop your ability to communicate the whole organization can become better informed and relationships tend to be more harmonious. 
  • Mentoring can be a useful asset in attracting and retaining the right caliber of staff. 
  • As far as development is concerned, you are getting "two for the price of one". The progression of your business and yourself as a marketing expert. 
  • The Mentoring program is a very important business tool for corporations but most especially to entrepreneurs. 
  • Other advantages of this scheme include: 
    • The sensitive and timely delivery of advice, support and guidance. 
    • The improved motivation of employees. 
    • It legitimizes "soft skills" and promotes taking more time for reflection. 
    • It can stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and behaviors. 
    • You can take-up with your mentor a difficult issue for a different perspective or expertise.
    • The mentor can help you acclimatize to a new job or role, to reflect on your abilities and progress, to remove any perceived “barriers” to your development, and to improve your performance. 
For entrepreneurs and business alike, being able to access the right advice and knowledge can be the difference between success – and failure.

Often working in areas different industries as a marketing expert, the mentor has an impressive track record in developing and implementing support services for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Drawing on substantial expertise in developing and delivering business support services and employability programmes, ”Alchemy SOLUTIONS” (Alchemy Marketing Consultancy) combines delivery capacity, customer awareness, and business expertise.