General Mentee Questions and Answers

Alchemy Business Center

I am smart and self sufficient-why do I need a Mentor? 

No person “needs” a Mentor, but everyone “needs” good luck to be successful. 

You can vastly improve your “good luck” by pairing with a Mentor. 

Being at the right place at the right time (good luck) is partly a function of who helps you along the way. But if you do the wrong thing at the right time, then you have missed the opportunity and wasted some of your scarce resource known as good luck. 

A Mentor can prevent missed opportunities. 

Mentors can not only help you plan for events in your career that have not yet happened, and may not happen for several years, but also offer critical advice to help you make decisions on things that need to be done now. 

A good Mentor can offer you sound ways for accomplishing this. 

You may not “need” a Mentor, but if you want to be successful, you should have one