About Us

Alchemy offers tailored Marketing solutions via its Marketing Consultancy arm, with an objective of making high quality, affordable Marketing expertise more readily available to SME businesses.

We operate on a marketing system that allows clients to work with us as much or as little as they want or need.

We have one key objective:

To work with small to medium sized organizations that may or may not have an internal marketing function, but really need help with how their business, their brand, their products and/or their services are marketed. 

Alchemy Marketing Consultancy is about adding value to the process of marketing. 

We are about working with our clients, helping them become better at the areas of marketing that they may not be able to do themselves. 

We add value to the marketing process rather than simply doing as we are asked. We know that organizations want proper help and advice with their marketing where someone experienced and consistent invests time in growing their business.

This consultancy will be done on a person-to-person arrangement. Alternatively, an Online Marketing Mentoring Program will likewise be made available.